Serin Fate
A retro inspired brew of RPG adventure, Magic, and fantastical story.

The Serin Fate stone has turned you into a Witch. Now it’s time to learn some Magic!

In Serin Fate, you become a Witch!
It’s time to learn some Magic, tidy up your apprentice hut, and find a few battle-worthy Familiars.
With your new spells, a couple copper, and some unique friends, can you brave the land?

Key Features

- Villainous plot & NPC quests.
- Gardening and tending.
- Creature capture.
- Explore Elemental Biomes, each with their own unique characteristics.
- Timing events, day night cycle, and weather patterns.
- Train & level your Familiars to defeat formidable Monsters.
- Practice Witchery and learn spells.
- Craft all assortments of weapons, armor, potions and furniture.
- Try your hand at skills like Gathering, Fishing, Woodcutting & Mining.