Developer Blog
A diary of snippets and notes from Vethergen.

Release Year!

20 January 2021

Well... I'm alive. The cliched finish line is in sight!

I think this last year of development will perhaps be the easiest, in terms of workflow.
That being said, this final stretch will really make Serin Fate "pop!".

Controller support and language localizations are being added in the present, and that has gone fairly smooth so far.
Beginning in February, I will resume world building and finishing the epic story!
This also includes new Chimera and there are many Monsters to be made.

Onward! :)

What's Next?

30 June 2020

On June 25th, the big Summer Update went live!

In this update, I spent the last 3 months rounding some of the rough edges in Serin Fate; for example, there is a tutorial and extensive settings menu now.
So what's next? ...
Now that all of that "external content" is taken care of, it's time to crack down on meaty content.
This means, story, Monsters, quests, etc... Things that make the World full :)

Chimera Castle

20 April 2020

Among many other things, Chimera Castle is starting to take shape!
The core plot line of SF has yet been revealed, but as a small spoiler - Chimera Castle is where it will begin :)

Otherwise, I'm still just steaming ahead to bring you all an awesome content update this Summer of 2020.
The target goal of this upcoming update, will be to bring more structure to the game; this includes, storyline, quests, and your role as a Witch!

A New Mechanic

31 March 2020

A new mechanic has been added... Channeling Mana. This ability has been planned since the beginning, but is now finally implemented!
Once you become a Witch, you can use your Mana in many ways, like mining rocks, casting Spells, or speeding up a crafting bench!

Channeling consumes a lot of Mana, and for bulk tasks, casting Spells is much more efficient :)

Launch of

29 March 2020

Today is the launch of!
In the future, you'll be able to track some tasty game stats from here.

Let's see... SF's current state is 'Alpha', and entered Early Access on Steam this March 10 of 2020.
Development is picking up speed again, since the release chaos has died down.

Keep your eyes peeled for a large update this summer! :)

First Blog

28 March 2020

Hello, World!