Bellingham, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will there be controller support?”
Yes, controller support is functional for most X-input (PS4, Xbox all, Nintendo Switch, Steam Pads etc).

“Will there be extensive options?”
Yes, they've been added!

“Will there be language localizations?”
Hopefully in the future, after 1.0 release. They are very costly!

“How much content is there?”
Serin Fate is a large game, with a sprawling world and scaling functionality, and an 80+ hour storyline.

“Will there be a fully fledged story?”
Yes, Serin Fate has an epic story!

“Will Serin Fate come to Nintendo Switch?”
Yes! Serin Fate will release on Windows PC, and Nintendo Switch shortly after.

“Does Serin Fate have a tutorial?”
Yes, there are instructive dialogues and a full tutorial.

“How to play?”
Serin Fate is on Steam! (refer to Steam tab).