Bellingham, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

“Will there be controller support?”
Yes, control customization and controller support in the future.

“Will there be more options?”

“Will there be language localizations?”
Yes, once all of the dialogues are set in stone, alternate languages will be added.

“Will there be more content?”
Absolutely, much more. Briefly, there will be 100+ Chimera and five complete Biomes.

“Will there be a fully fledged story?”
Yes, Serin Fate has an epic story!

“Will there be Mac, Linux, and Switch port?”
Yes, yes, and hopefully!

“Is there a roadmap?”
Yes. It is coming soon!

“Will there be more tutorials?”

“What is Early Access?”
Serin Fate is in “Alpha”, and is ~50% complete (refer to Steam tab).

“When can I play Serin Fate?”
You can play NOW! Full release will likely be in 2021.